Our world has been disrupted by a little virus that snuck in from overseas. Why is it that all bad viruses seem to come from overseas? Just wondering. I had the Asian flu back in the 70’s and was in bed for at least a week and I was only 30. Now facing a possible attack at the age of 74, I am much more cautious. Also my asthma and COPD makes me a high risk for death. Our little town has closed it’s library, senior citizen center, Alice’s Closet (a second hand store with donated items) and other changes have been made to slow down the social interaction. Take the time if you are off to use it for good. Complete a project, pray for your loved ones and friends, and the whole world. I plan on finishing writing two books, one the genealogical story of my husband and I’s Scottish roots and the other a non-fiction book about the Osage Indians. Both projects have been on my desk and going slowly. Now with the spare time I can make progress. Be safe.

Published by Linda Anderson

Retired airline pilot, flying for over 30 years, 22 years at Alpine Air Express in Provo, Utah. Love to read and have at least 4 books sitting on my end table and over 1000 in my barn/storage building.. Recently decided to go with only ebooks to keep down my bulky book inventory. Starting writing after I retired. Chose an ancestor with.a colorful career as a U.S. deputy marshal serving under Judge Isaac Parker in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the 1880's. . Took me 5 years of research and 3 years to write. Write historical non-fiction with my husband, have written my memoir and compiled a fascinating historical journal from the local museum into a published book. Love genealogy and scrapbooking.

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