Living and Loving Missouri

A blog seems to be a vague entity for me. What is and what do you do with it? One water at a convention I attended said, “I don’t waste my writing time on a blog. I would rather spend it writing.” I thought about that and, therefore, rejected blogging for almost 5 years. Then a friend I met at another author’s function showed me her blog which was wonderful. It seems to be a way to get a conversation going with all youall, meaning readers and writers. I am sure it must be kept interesting or no one will bother to come back. Who cares what I did today unless it relates to their problem, their question, their anxiety issue?

I will keep it interesting for you as best I can. So why do I write? Ask any author and you will get a hundred different answers. I think it is because I have a story to tell that I want to share with others. In my non-fiction I get really excited about the topic and the research. How am I going to put all these facts into a readable narrative, one that holds interest and teaches? That is the challenge. Non-fiction should not read like a textbook. History recaptured with new directions of thought can be very compelling. I recently read a non-fiction book called Life Among the Indians or Personal Reminiscences and Historical Events , Illustration of Indian Life and Character by Rev. James B. Finley – a great memoir by a missionary of the Epioscopal-Methodist Church who devoted his life to the Wyandotts in the Northwest Territory from1821 to 1841.  This book has no publication date but it would be in the 1840+.  A great  picture of the savages of the territory that later became Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  He documents great Indian leaders such as Pontiac and Tecumseh of the Shawnees and the wonderful chiefs of the Wynadotts who became such devout and wonderful Christians who would weep with great tears and cry for joy at their deliverance from their dark lives.  

So non-fiction can bring joy, fear, loathing, and even tears. The things I learned in this book about the early tribes of the Northwest Territory before they were forced to move to Indian Territory I will never forget. I am proud to have such a heritage amongst my ancestors.

Published by Linda Anderson

Retired airline pilot, flying for over 30 years, 22 years at Alpine Air Express in Provo, Utah. Love to read and have at least 4 books sitting on my end table and over 1000 in my barn/storage building.. Recently decided to go with only ebooks to keep down my bulky book inventory. Starting writing after I retired. Chose an ancestor with.a colorful career as a U.S. deputy marshal serving under Judge Isaac Parker in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the 1880's. . Took me 5 years of research and 3 years to write. Write historical non-fiction with my husband, have written my memoir and compiled a fascinating historical journal from the local museum into a published book. Love genealogy and scrapbooking.

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