What to do when isolated

Anyone else using their down time for creativity? Why just sit in front of the TV and prolong your wasted hours as a couch potato? I have chosen to do several things. At the top of the bucket list is start or finish that book I have put on the back burner for two years. In that light I have started the necessary research and rough draft of a non-fiction book about the Osage Indians of Missouri. When I have gone to book-signings, several people have asked, “Do you have a book about the Osage Indians?” Well, no. But that is a good idea. There are many books out there already published, but each one seems to have a centralized theme: the Osage life, archaeology of their camp sites, their prowess as a warriors. I wanted to create a good overall narrative of the life and times of this Stone Age group of native who controlled much of the Southern mid-west. So far so good. I have spent two weeks at this and have about 80 pages in a rough draft. I am enjoying this project and learning a lot as I always do when starting a new book.

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