Whom I and and what I want you to know

Love genealogy, scrapbooking and gardening.

Hello, new to blogging? I am and here is what I hope to accomplish. Firstly learn a new skill,namely blogging. Secondly, introduce myself to the interested reader. I am a retired airline captain who flew for over 20 years with various companies in the West, hauling mostly mail for the USPS, spending a lot of years building my hours in my logbook with flight instructing, having flown over 30 different makes and models of airplanes. I flew mostly single-engine piston driven airplanes then transitioned to the twin-engine piston then to the heavy twin-engine turboprop, the Beech 99 airliner. I never flew for a major airline and am glad I did not. My schedule was amenable to my life style, raising a growing family with my husband. Now retired I love to read and write non-fiction historical books on the Civil War, Indians and Missouri. I am contemplating something fictional in the near future.

Published by Linda Anderson

Retired airline pilot, flying for over 30 years, 22 years at Alpine Air Express in Provo, Utah. Love to read and have at least 4 books sitting on my end table and over 1000 in my barn/storage building.. Recently decided to go with only ebooks to keep down my bulky book inventory. Starting writing after I retired. Chose an ancestor with.a colorful career as a U.S. deputy marshal serving under Judge Isaac Parker in Fort Smith, Arkansas in the 1880's. . Took me 5 years of research and 3 years to write. Write historical non-fiction with my husband, have written my memoir and compiled a fascinating historical journal from the local museum into a published book. Love genealogy and scrapbooking.

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